Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frisch Injunction: May 18th, 2007

Deb Frisch is ordered, on pain of contempt of court, to remove
all JG related blogs from her site. Judge finds that Deb Frisch
systematically harassed JG, his family, and attorneys seeking to
redress Frisch's harassment.

The Injunction Contains 58 paragraphs of "fact findings." Here's
a chronological breakdown, along with links to screencaps of Deb-
related postings (where they exist):

Paragraphs 1-5 (basic facts)
Paragraphs 6-29 (harassment by Frisch: July 2006)
Paragraph 30 (victim secures a restraining order against Frisch: 1 Aug 2006)
Paragraphs 31-37 (harassment by Frisch: Aug 2006)
Paragraphs 38-39 (harassment by Frisch: Sept 2006)
Paragraph 41 (Frisch contempt of court, bench warrant: Nov-Dec 2006)
Paragraph 42 (ISP yanks debfrisch.com: Feb. 2007)
Paragraphs 43-50 (Frisch harasses case-attorneys: Feb 2007)

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