Friday, June 29, 2007

June 2007: Deb Frisch Violates Court Injunction(s)

(1) Despite a court injunction issued in May, enjoining
her "
FROM...Any posting, commenting, or other writing
of any sort, in any public forum whatever, concerning
or referring, directly or indirectly [to her victims]," Deb
Frisch posts and comments throughout the month about
her victims. Screencaps:

(2) Despite an Oregon criminal judge's order that she
"have no contact of any kind with" her Oregon stalking
and harassment victim, Deb Frisch blogs about an
interaction with the victim. For good measure, Ms.
Frisch also embedded a link to her (former) criminal
attorney in the context of a series of "dead lawyer jokes."

(3) June also witnessed Deb Frisch's public humiliation
on the University of Oregon-Eugene campus.

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