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Saturday, July 7, 2007

July 6, 2007: Deb Frisch Victimizes Children, Mocks Disability (Again)

Angered by mockery of her recent self-humiliation at the the University of Oregon, Deborah Frisch posts pictures of a blogger's child and mocks another blogger's spouse's disability. Frisch's behavior is reminiscent of her pedophilic postings at Protein Wisdom one year ago.

Frisch's harassing blog is pulled by Blogger, within 12 hours, for violating Blogger's anti-harassment Terms of Service and/or violating a recent court injunction.

Friday, June 29, 2007

June 2007: Deb Frisch Violates Court Injunction(s)

(1) Despite a court injunction issued in May, enjoining
her "
FROM...Any posting, commenting, or other writing
of any sort, in any public forum whatever, concerning
or referring, directly or indirectly [to her victims]," Deb
Frisch posts and comments throughout the month about
her victims. Screencaps:

(2) Despite an Oregon criminal judge's order that she
"have no contact of any kind with" her Oregon stalking
and harassment victim, Deb Frisch blogs about an
interaction with the victim. For good measure, Ms.
Frisch also embedded a link to her (former) criminal
attorney in the context of a series of "dead lawyer jokes."

(3) June also witnessed Deb Frisch's public humiliation
on the University of Oregon-Eugene campus.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frisch Injunction: May 18th, 2007

Deb Frisch is ordered, on pain of contempt of court, to remove
all JG related blogs from her site. Judge finds that Deb Frisch
systematically harassed JG, his family, and attorneys seeking to
redress Frisch's harassment.

The Injunction Contains 58 paragraphs of "fact findings." Here's
a chronological breakdown, along with links to screencaps of Deb-
related postings (where they exist):

Paragraphs 1-5 (basic facts)
Paragraphs 6-29 (harassment by Frisch: July 2006)
Paragraph 30 (victim secures a restraining order against Frisch: 1 Aug 2006)
Paragraphs 31-37 (harassment by Frisch: Aug 2006)
Paragraphs 38-39 (harassment by Frisch: Sept 2006)
Paragraph 41 (Frisch contempt of court, bench warrant: Nov-Dec 2006)
Paragraph 42 (ISP yanks debfrisch.com: Feb. 2007)
Paragraphs 43-50 (Frisch harasses case-attorneys: Feb 2007)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Deb Frisch at University of Oregon, June 7, 2007

Deb Frisch's visit to Univeristy of Oregon, Eugene.
Debbie does some pole dancing and harasses a
preacher before being escorted off campus by
authorities (h/t: Oregon Commentator ):

Feb-Mar 2007: Frisch harasses her victims' attorney

Frisch's harassment of her victim's attorneys and staff;
Frisch's postings on her blog(s) as well as Craigslist Denver.

Post by Frisch, documenting her continued harassment of her
victims and their attorney--March 2007

Sept-Oct 2006: Frisch Libels Victims as Pedophiles

In these screencaps, we see Frisch (sockpuppeting as "Snatchel Sinner" and "Soquepuppet") libeling various victims as pedophiles:

Sept 18/19/22/24 2006--Frisch Tries to Troll SWP.com

In the summer of 2005, Deb Frisch trolled Freakonomics.com.

In the summer of 2006, her trolling of Proteinwisdom.com led
to her professional annihilation.

Enraged by her self-inflicted plight, Deborah Frisch attempted
to take out her vitriol on Tehsqueakywheel.com, on the dates of
18, 19, 22, and 24 September.

The operators of tehsqueakywheel thus instituted AUTOMOCK
This bit of 1337-savvy ensured that, should Miss Frisch register
to comment on TSW.com, each of her posts would be accompanied
by: (1) an appropriately hideous graphic and (2) text certifying
Debbie's 'certifiability.'

A few times, Debbie attempted to get the better of the bargain
by libeling JG and TSW's operator, Sinner. True to form, Debbie
employed pedophiliac fantasy, disgusting vulgarity, threats, and
several 'n-word's.

Within a week, however, Frisch realized she had been beat.

She has not posted to TSW since.